All models of trailers can be towed by any kind of car equipped with the hitch. Its enough to have «B» category in your driving license.


SteelDrop technical characteristics

Description Value
Standard weight 500 kg
Maximum towing bar load 75 kg
Load on the tow bar 35 kg
Maximum total weight 750 kg
Maximum load capacity 250 kg
Body height 126 cm
Indoor height 113 cm
Overall height of the caravan 170 cm
Overall width 195 cm
Cabin width, without mudguards 145 cm
Internal width 140 cm
Overall length 350 cm
External cabin length 252 cm
Internal cabin length 198 cm
Mattress 198 x 140 x 10  cm
Dimensions of the roof hatch 40 x 40 cm
Wheel size (standard) 185/65 R15

SteelDrop basic complectation

Complete your trailer

* It is only available together with the option "Gas preparation"
** Only available in conjunction with the option "Front locker for the SteelDrop model"

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